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      • XK71 Type of the products:XK71
        The machine can be employed to mill, drill ,bore and ream in different kinds of working procedures with the properties of high efficiency ,high accuracy and high reliability .It is suitable for milling various kinds of multi-procedures ,high accuracy and irregular spare parts ,such as various kinds of chambers, moulds ,templates ,aeroplane spare parts, combustion engine spare parts etc., which provides the most rapid and perfect integral solution scheme for customers to mill irregular spare parts.

      The machine can be employed to mill, drill ,bore and ream in different kinds of working procedures with the properties of high efficiency ,high accuracy and high reliability .It is suitable for milling various kinds of multi-procedures ,high accuracy and irregular spare parts ,such as various kinds of chambers, moulds ,templates ,aeroplane spare parts, combustion engine spare parts etc., which provides the most rapid and perfect integral solution scheme for customers to mill irregular spare parts.

      specifications Model
      XK714 XK716 XK718
      X axis travel 650mm 1000mm 1500mm
      Y axis travel 400mm 600mm 800mm
      Z axis travel 480mm 600mm 700mm
      From spindle head to worktable 80-560mm 180-780mm 170-870mm
      Worktable dimension 800×420mm 1200×600mm 1700×800mm
      Max. load of worktable 600kg 800kg 1500kg
      No.of T slots X slot width 3×18mm 5×18mm 5×22mm
      Spindle taper 7:24
      Speed 50-6000r/min
      Transmission method of spindle Driven by belt    
      Lubrication form of spindle Grease    
      Spindle motor power 5.5kW 7.5/11kW 11/15kW
      Rapid travel on X axis and Y axis 12m/min
      Rapid travel on Z axis 10m/min
      Max. cutting speed 4m/min
      Toolbar type BT40 BT40/BT50 BT50
      Position accuracy 0.02mm    
      Re-positioning accuracy 0.01mm
      CNC system MitsubishiM64SM(or provided on customers’ requirement )    
      Power 22kVA 30kVA 40kVA
      Gas source ≥0.6MPa    
      Width of doors 850mm 1350mm 1750mm
      Floor space 2800x2200mm 3500×2500mm 4500x3500mm
      Height 2800mm 3000mm 3200mm
      Weight 4.5t 8t 14t
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