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      • MK52 Type of the products:MK52
        MK52 CNC gantry planer CNC guideway grinding machine is suitable for grinding various kinds of guideways and large planes with SIMENS 810D CNC system. The machine adopts categorization design ,the configuration can be provided on customers’ requirement. The guideway of worktable is hydrostatic stepless guideway, while the grinding heads and carriages are all driven by linear guideway, ball screws and servo motors .The key parts are all imported, resulting in high positioning accuracy and stable operation. The surrounded grinding heads are hydrostatic spindles which not only increase the service life of spindle, but guarantee the grinding quality and accuracy of the grinding surfaces. The universal grinding heads can be rotated in the angle of ±90° at the vertical plane stepless.

      MK52 CNC gantry planer CNC guideway grinding machine is suitable for grinding various kinds of guideways and large planes with SIMENS 810D CNC system. The machine adopts categorization design ,the configuration can be provided on customers’ requirement. The guideway of worktable is hydrostatic stepless guideway, while the grinding heads and carriages are all driven by linear guideway, ball screws and servo motors .The key parts are all imported, resulting in high positioning accuracy and stable operation. The surrounded grinding heads are hydrostatic spindles which not only increase the service life of spindle, but guarantee the grinding quality and accuracy of the grinding surfaces. The universal grinding heads can be rotated in the angle of ±90° at the vertical plane stepless.
      The machine is mated with lubrication system distributed in different parts of the machine and integral protection system with high efficiency. It is more convenient to operate with visual LD operational panel and flexible manual impulse generator.
      specifications Parameters
      Grinding length 6000(4000)mm
      Grinding width 1700 mm
      Grinding height 1600 mm
      Passing height of gantry planer 1730 mm
      Passing width of gantry planer 1760 mm
      Worktable dimension 6400(4300)×1600(1250) mm
      Space from the worktable to the ground Approx. 900mm
      T slot on worktable(number X width) 10(8)×28(H12) mm
      Permitted loading weight of the worktable 3000㎏/m
      Worktable speed 1-50 m/min Stepless,variable speed
      Motor power of worktable 34 kW
      Power of motor driving grinding wheel 22 KW variable frequency (surrounded grinding wheel)11 KW (universal grinding wheel)
      Speed of grinding wheel 500-1100r/min(surrounded grinding wheel)1000-3000r/min(universal grinding wheel)
      Dimension of grinding wheel Φ630×Φ305×200 mm (surrounded grinding wheel)
      Minor feed of grinding wheel 0.002-0.099 mm
      Axial deviation of grinding head spindle 0.003 mm
      Re-positioning accuracy of Rotating angle of universal grinding heads ±5″
      Speed of grinding wheel corrector 50-400 mm/min
      Upward and downward speed of beam 560 mm/ min
      Rapid travel speed of carriage 560 mm/ min
      Total length 19000(13200)mm
      Total width 8480 mm
      Total height 5370 mm
      Total weight Approx.75800(43800)KG
      General motor power 86 kW
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