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      • B201XA Type of the products:B201XA
        This series of products are suitable for processing various kinds of inclined planes, T slot, guideway surfaces combined with a variety of planes. The machine can perform to plane, mill and grind under the auxiliary milling heads and grinding heads. It has a long service life for the wear-resistance measures taken on the guideway joints. The main lubrication center and the lubricating oil return tubes are all installed outside of the bed, ensuring the clearance of the oil and the convenience of maintaining the lubrication system. Moreover, this series of planers adds two pairs of lubrication points on long bed body, which guarantees well lubrication result between bed and guideway of worktable. This series of machines have the property of good rigidity, high accuracy, stable movement and easy operation etc which is widely used in various industries.

      This series of products are suitable for processing various kinds of inclined planes, T slot, guideway surfaces combined with a variety of planes. The machine can perform to plane, mill and grind under the auxiliary milling heads and grinding heads. It has a long service life for the wear-resistance measures taken on the guideway joints. The main lubrication center and the lubricating oil return tubes are all installed outside of the bed, ensuring the clearance of the oil and the convenience of maintaining the lubrication system. Moreover, this series of planers adds two pairs of lubrication points on long bed body, which guarantees well lubrication result between bed and guideway of worktable. This series of machines have the property of good rigidity, high accuracy, stable movement and easy operation etc which is widely used in various industries.
      The machine is controlled by D.C motors driven with high speed devices, thus the operation is smooth and reliable.
          B2010A B2012A B2016A
      Max. planning dimension Length 3m 6m 9m 4m 6m 9m 12m 4m 6m 9m 12m
      Width 1000mm 1250mm 1600mm
      Heigth 800mm 1000mm 1250mm
      Max. workpieces weight 5t 9t 13.5t 8t 10.5t 13.5t 18t 10t 15t 18t 20t
      Electric system Power Three phase A.C 380V 50HZ AC 380V
      Main motor 55-75kW
      Worktable Max. permitted tension of gear racks 60KN 80KN
      Travel speed 4.5-45 3.5-35 4.5-45 3.5-35 4-40 3.5-35
      9-90 7-70 9-90 7-70 8-80 7-70
      Worktable dimension Length 3m 6m 9m 4m 6m 9m 12m 4m 6m 9m 12m
      Width 900mm 1120mm 1400mm
      Qty of the T-slote 5 5 7
      Width of T slots 28mm 28mm 28mm
      Space of T slots 170mm 210mm 200mm
      Beam turret feedrate(mm) Horizontal 0.2-20 0.2-20 0.2-20
      Vertical 0.15-7.5 0.15-7.5 0.15-7.5
      Slide turret feedrate(mm) Vertical 0.2-11.5 0.2-11.5 0.2-11.5
      Beam turret rapid travel speed Horizontal 1.6m/min 1.6m/min 1.6m/min
      Vertical 0.6m/min 0.6m/min 0.6m/min
      Rapid travel speed of side turret 0.85m/min 0.85m/min 0.85m/min
      Max. section Dimension of planing toolbar 60×60 60×60 60×60
      Beam raising and dropping speed 0.57m/min 0.57m/min 0.57m/min
      Flow of lubrication oil pump(L/min) 6 10 6 10 6 10
      Overall dimension Length(m) 6.9 12.9 18.9 9 13 19 25 9 13 19 25
      Width(mm) 3730 4000 4500
      Height(mm) 2780 3000 3650
      General weight 23.5 31.5 40 29 34 43 51 39 45 54 72
      Remarks The special accessories, such as surrounded grinding heads, end grinding heads, milling equipments as well as high-lift tool post devices etc. for A series gantry planers can be provided on customers’ requirements.
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