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      • QK13 Type of the products:QK13
        The QK13 series CNC pipe threading lathes aim at the manufacturing demands of threads for oil pipelines ,drill pipes ,casting pipes in petroleum, chemical, and metallurgy industry with reference to professional design stipulated by international relevant standard. Adopting double chuck clamping method, the machine can process variety of internal and external threads (metric, inch, tapered pipe threads) under the control of CNC system. The machine possesses all the functions performed by engine lathes.

      The QK13 series CNC pipe threading lathes aim at the manufacturing demands of threads for oil pipelines ,drill pipes ,casting pipes in petroleum, chemical, and metallurgy industry with reference to professional design stipulated by international relevant standard. Adopting double chuck clamping method, the machine can process variety of internal and external threads (metric, inch, tapered pipe threads) under the control of CNC system. The machine possesses all the functions performed by engine lathes.
      The machine has a property of high automation, good precision, high efficiency, wide application and simple operation.
      Technical spec. Model
      QK1312 QK1319 QK1327 QK1334 QK1343
      Capacity Max dimension of pipe threads(mm) Φ120 Φ190 Φ270 Φ340 Φ430
      Max. workpieces length over bed(mm) 1000
      Guideway width over bed(mm) 530 755
      Max.workpieces swing diameter over bed(mm) 630 1000
      Max. workpieces swing diameter over slide plate(mm) 360 630
      Spindle The space from spindle center to flat bedway over bed(mm) 320 500
      Diameter of spindle bore(mm) Φ130 Φ200 Φ280 Φ350 Φ440
      Range of spindle speed(r/min) 29—510 27-440 20-350 8-255 5 -180
      Grades of spindle speed 3 grade ,stepless / Manual 12 grades 2 grades ,stepless / Manual 12grades 2 grades stepless
      Front taper of spindle(mm) 1:20 1:50
      Feed Max.feedrate on X axis(m/min) 6
      Max.feedrate on Z axis(m/min) 8 6
      Max. travel on X axis(mm) 320 550
      Max. travel on X axis(mm) 1000
      Tool post Type of tool post Vertical four-position tool post
      Space from spindle center to tool installation plane(mm) 32 45
      Section dimension of tool(mm) 32×28 45×45
      Type of chucks Type of chucks Three jaw self- centering chuck four jaw single action chuck Combination chuck
      CNC system FANUC 0i mate FANUC 0i mate or chosen by the customers FANUC 0i FANUC 0i or chosen by the customers
      Main motor power(kW) 11 22/30
      Others Overall dimension(Lx W x H)(mm) 3300 x1600 x1750 4100x2600x2400
      Total weight(approx.)(t) 4.5 5 11.5 12 13
      Remarks The engine pipe threading lathes can be provided on the customers’ order.
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