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      • C8480 Type of the products:C8480
        Baed on my company long-term produce lathe experience and according to the actual needs of users,the roll lathe adopts international advanced design methods and manufacturing technology.The roll lathe is carefully designed by using a set of electrical ,automatic control,hydraulic control and modern machinery design,multidisciplinary,categories of precision manufacturing technology for the integration of mechanical and electrical integration.With the high Dynamic and static rigidity,long service life,high work efficiency,safe and reliable functions,the roll lathe is and ideal mechanical processing equipment.

      Baed on my company long-term produce lathe experience and according to the actual needs of users,the roll lathe adopts international advanced design methods and manufacturing technology.The roll lathe is carefully designed by using a set of electrical ,automatic control,hydraulic control and modern machinery design,multidisciplinary,categories of precision manufacturing technology for the integration of mechanical and electrical integration.With the high Dynamic and static rigidity,long service life,high work efficiency,safe and reliable functions,the roll lathe is and ideal mechanical processing equipment.
      This machine tool equipped with the Beijing KND1000T CNC system.AC servo motor drives the gear and rack to made Z axis feed and fast moving.AC servo motor to drive the screw and made the X axis feed and fast moving.In additon,by the system programming the mahcine can turn the roll with middle concaved.
      Specification Technical Data
      The max. turning diameter of workpiece over bed 1000mm
      The max. turning length 3000 4000 5000mm
      The width of ed with three guide way 1100mm
      The max. weight between chuck and center on tailstock 15t
      The machined roll diameter range 200-800mm
      The diameter of spindle bore 100mm
      The taper of spindle bore 140mm taper1:20
      The speed range of spindle r/min 1.6-80r/min(18grade)
      The power of main motor 30KW(8grade)
      The specification of center 75° 600 Φ80(taper 1:20)
      the diameter of tailstock sleeve 260mm
      the max. traver of tailstock sleeve 250mm
      The taper of tailstock sleeve Φ80mm taper 1:20
      The move speed of tailstock by power 1500mm/min
      Steady rest Φ200-Φ400mm
      X axial rapid move speed 3000mm/min
      Z axial rapid move speed 3000mm/min
      X axial traver 400mm(cross center included)
      Z axial traver 4000mm
      AC servo motor X axial48N.m Z axial 48N.m
      The dimensions(lengty×width×height) 720×170×140cm 820×170×140cm 920×170×140cm
      The weight of machine(t) 18.2 19.5 20.8
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