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      • C-G Type of the products:C-G
        1.Product characteristic
          This series lathes are modified from the base of our company s CNC heavy duty horizorital lathe,after a long experience of manufacturing horizontal lathe,as per the national current new accuracy standard,we adopted intemational advanced design and manufacturing technology to design this mechanical and electric integrative machine tool which gathered many kind of precision manufacturing technology,for example electric,automatic control,hydraulic control and modern machinery design etc. all the structure of the mahcine are available,and it has the feature of high rigidity,long using life,high process efficiency,safety and reliability of all function,easy operation and beautiful looking etc.

      1.Product characteristic
      This series lathes are modified from the base of our company s CNC heavy duty horizorital lathe,after a long experience of manufacturing horizontal lathe,as per the national current new accuracy standard,we adopted intemational advanced design and manufacturing technology to design this mechanical and electric integrative machine tool which gathered many kind of precision manufacturing technology,for example electric,automatic control,hydraulic control and modern machinery design etc. all the structure of the mahcine are available,and it has the feature of high rigidity,long using life,high process efficiency,safety and reliability of all function,easy operation and beautiful looking etc.
      1.This machine is suitable for machining shafts,barrels and plates of ferrous-metal,nonferrous metal or part non-metal components with high-speed and hominess alloy steel cutter,on the machine,cylindrical turning,end face turning,and boring,surfacing,curving,slotting,threading as well as boring can be carried out roughly and finely.
      2.The machine adopt separate structure for main drive and feed drive,it has CNC function,but the accuracy inspection is not subject to CNC machine standard.
      3.The machine adopt the structure of unitary three guide way and and assistant guide way,the guide way is a kind of slide plane guide way which they are grinded and enchased steel with low wear out.
      4.After two grade mechanical speed change,the spindle rotation are realized by the main drive-DC motor drive.
      5.Spindle of headstock is through structure and supported by two row short cylinder roller bearing which its radial clearance cna be adjusted,the big spindle bore and the best supporting distance increased the spindle rotation accuracy and rigidity.The center installed ong the spindle adopts faange type of short taper handle structure,so that it increased the connecting rigidity of center and spindle.
      6.The transversal travel of the turret adopt ball screw and the longitudinal travel adopt imported rach with gigh accuracy and the structure of double teeth bar reducing clearance,so that it increased the accuracy of the turret.
      7.The tailstock adopt unitary box type structure,and the core shaft in the sleeve adopt double row short cylinder roller bearing which its radial clearance can be adjusted,and the center installed on the tailstock is a kind of flange type short taper center so that the tailstock has a high rigidity.The steeve and the tailstock itself are all motorized,and the tailstock is also installed with hydraulic power measure device.
      8.CNC system is SIEMENS or chooses by the customer.
      9.According to the customer s requirement,we can also supply double turret,milling and boring device,grinding device and coolant hydraulic device act.
      Parameter model
      C61125G C61160G C61200G C61250G
      Max.swing dia. Over bed 1250mm 1600mm 2000mm 2500mm
      Max.swing Dia.over cross slide 1000mm 1250mm 1600mm 2000mm
      Max.workpiece length 3-25mm 3-25mm 3-25mm 3-25mm
      Max.loading weight of workpiece between centers 40t
      Max.torque of the face plate 80KN.m
      Diameter of face plate 1250mm 1600mm 1600mm 2000mm
      Front spindle cone-shaped bore short taper flange:taper degree is 1 :4
      Spindle seep,mechanical two grades,stepless 160r/min
      Longitudinal and transversal feed speed of the turret 1-500mm/min
      Longitudinal and transversal feed speed of the turret 4000mm/min
      Taper hole of the tailstock sleeve 短锥法兰盘式 锥度1:4
      Max.travel of the tailstock sleeve 300mm
      Main motor power DC75kW
      CNC system KND
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