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      The predecessor of Shandong Precion Co., Ltd, Dezhou Machine Tool works founded in 1945, has a history of more than sixty years. In 2008, July, The company has officially renamed to Shandong Precion Co., Ltd. Now the company Covers an area of about 810,000 square meters, has total assets of 778 million yuan, and 2,300 employs.Over years, Precion has become one of China’s Top 500 among the mechanic industry, a major enterprise in machine tool industry. Besides Dezhou Precion Machine Tool Co., Ltd and Dezhou Delong (group) Machine Tool Co., Ltd, the group has also subsidiaries engaged in casting and environmental protection equipment. The company obtained the certification of the ISO9001: 2000 quality management system, ISO14001 environmental management system and OHSAS18000 occupational health and safety management system.

      Its major products are large/medium conventional lathe, CNC lathe, deep hole machining machine tool and other types of special purpose machine tools. It has a production capacity of more than 5,000 units annually with over 700 types and 400 specifications, to meet market demand, having supplied a large number of excellent equipments to industry of automobile, modeling, mining, electric power, and engineering, their products enjoyed a high reputation in home and abroad, and were exported to more than 40 countries.

      Lathe series products which swing diameter over bed from F260mm to F3500mm. And the workpiece length up to 20m. CNC lathes include simple CNC lathes and full-function CNC lathes, which can meet the requirements of the users at different levels, especially the full-function CNC lathes have the features of high rigidity, high accuracy and high speed. The machining result can reach to that of grinding processing. The company also produce heavy duty lathe which swing diameter over bed over 1000mm, Max. loading weight from 6t to 80t, the maximum machining length is 20m, and the maximum swing diameter is 3500mm. The Max. workpiece loading weight of CK61100D CNC lathe is 6 tons, and that of CK61125L CNC lathe is10 ton, and that of CK61200W series is 20 ton, and that of CKZ series is 30 ton, and that of CKG series CNC heavy duty lathes are 40 tons, 60 tons and 80 tons.

      Deep hole process machines are mainly used for drilling, rolling and honing, the process diameter are from F1.5mm to F1250mm, and the Max. machining depth can reach 15000mm. The technical level and market share of the deep hole machining machine reach a national advanced level, especially the CNC deep hole honing machine and multi-spindle gun drilling machine have reached to the international advanced level.

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